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NaNaWriMo Pitch: A Summoner’s Chronicle

Today’s pitch comes in the form of an outline– no character names yet, just types, so here it is–

A Summoner’s Chronicle

A servant boy, one of three triplets works in castle held by a city state in “Italy”

Book opens with him training swords with a mercenary knight.

The Princess of the castle, a girl close to his own age talk to him–

She has an imaginary friend, a piskie she says and he gets covered inadvertantly in pixie dust.

Later that day an army is storming the castle– Black Faustus’s men, a demon summoner.

The boy goes to hude, he ends up in the library and his eye is caught by a book on Faerie summoning.  He takes it.

The pixie dust has granted him super speed, allowing him to escape the castle.

Later he meets the mercenary knight in the woods outside the castle grounds– the castle has fallen to the Faustians and there is no sign of his brothers.

The Princess is with them, and they begin travelling North to seek refuge in a neighboring country.

On the way they battle ogre’s and goblins and the boy learns to treat with Faeries– he becomes a Summoner.

They arrive in the North. Here they find a kingdom beset by foes on three sides–

Faustians to the West, the Ogre to the Sought, and the bloodthirsty Fire Giants to the Northeast.

The old king is dying & his son is bold– with giant’s blood in his veins.

The Bold Prince calls his banners, and calls forth the pact with the storm giants to the North.

The storm giants and the remnants of the mercenaries help the bold prince repel the fire giants.

Then the Bold Prince turns to repel the Faustians.

The storm giant king declares their oath fulfilled, having won the day.

The Bold Prince asks any giants who will come and promises a boon to those who do.

Three come– two younger sons of the Giant King and the King’s daughter.

The Summoner has fallen in love with the Princess, and grown to a powerful summoner warrior.

The Summoner asks the Princess to marry him, but she rejects his offer due to his low birth.

He assists the Bold Prince, the Giant King’s children in taking back the North’s capital.

When the dust has settled the old king has died; the Bold Prince calls in those to whom he owes favors.

The youngest son of the Giant King asks for a Lordship.

The middle son of the Giant King asks for no boon, but is granted a great forged weapon and suit of armor.

The Giant King’s daughter asks for the Bold Prince’s hand in marriage.

The Princess asks for a force to take back her city.

The Summoner asks for a strip of the marshland and a lorship.

The Summoner, now a lord ass again for the Princess to marry him and is again denied.

The Summoner returns and asks the Bold Prince for another boon– that if he kills the Ogre he can take the whole of the marsh and name himself king.

He does so. Once more as a King he asks for the Princess’s hand and is again denied.

End Book 1.


NaNaWriMo Pitch: The Fives Paths of Power

Jerami De Lorenzo’s father, once the sovereign Duke of Comrandia,  now dead and deposed, replaced by an usurper for whom Jerami’s hatred burns in the pit of his teenage stomach.  On the run as an exile, flitting between the free cities at the mercy of a few supporters and a bevy of profiteers, charlatans, and yeasayers looking to guide Jerami towards what would profit their own selves, he must find his own path, always with his goal in the back of his mind– his throne, his country, his birthright!

The Path of Gold

Fourteen year old Jerami travels the rim of the sea with merchant Captain Darlana Cattair learning how to build an empire on the move, how to buy and sell favor and friends– but could he buy back even his own crown?

The Path of War

Fifteen year old Jerami travels to the Thratian borderlands where he joins with General Smith West’s campaign against the Garlish. He trains to hold the spear and shield, to swing the sword and the axe, and to ride in the saddle and command men, many more seasoned than himself in combat, but could he march an army to the heart of Camrandia to take his throne?

The Path of Fire

Sixteen year old Jerami, apprentices himself to High Pyromancer Drelsh of the Garlish Elite. In his studies he learns to call forth the spark, to tend the flames in his heart and bring forth the pyre, growing to a powerful Pyromancer and learning the ways of the Elite, whose motto “What’s Left Unburnt Endures” leaves no room for compromise, but could he burn his homeland to the ground in order to retake what is his by right?

The Path of Shadows

In far afield Baijon, seventeen year old Jerami stalks the edges of society, sharpening a slimmer blade than the knight’s sword– the assassin’s knife. Learning to dance the shadows at the feet of Baijoni Headmistress Chi, Jerami takes up the thieves picks, the poisoned blade, and the cloak of night.  But could even the best aimed knife bring him to his goal?

The Fifth Path

Eighteen year old Jerami has made his choice, and now he journeys back to his father’s country for the first time in more than five years– forging a new path to take what was stolen from him.

NaNaWriMo Pitch: The Third Fleet

So, National November Novel Writing Month is coming fast upon us!  For my Saturday writing pieces, I plan to do “pitches” for my possible selections and let whatever feedback I get play a part in deciding which I try to write to get my first NaNaWriMo win this year– first up: The Third Fleet.

The Third Fleet

In the early days of Solar System colonization, as humanity was just beginning to expand into the stars an alien fleet of refuges known as the Remnant entered the system seeking a new place to make their home, leading to a blood and brutal war between the two species.  After 8 years of fighting, the two fleets finally made peace on Armistace Day, the 11th of November 2418.

Now, 20 years from the First Fleet meeting the Second, there has been peace for 12 years.  The Remnant and Earth have a unity system wide government, and with the First Fleet (the Remant’s) and the Second Fleet (Humanity’s) they have built and launched a new fleet, the Third Fleet.

Crewed by a joint crew of Remnant and Human officers, the Third Fleet begins expanding beyond the colonies for the first time since the start of the war. Very quickly, however, they encounter a new threat– hostile aliens on a mission of extermination, the very rae which had pushed the Remnant from their original home system centuries in the past.

Now, Admiral Avery Ayers must lead the young, untested crews of the Third Fleet into the very heart of a new war– one for the survival of both species.

The Ships of the Third Fleet

Battle Cruisers:

Eagle’s Talon (flagship)

Blade’s Grasp




No Surrender

No Defeat


11th of November


Day After












Eagle Eye





Talon’s Tip

Well, there’s the pitch! I’d love to hear any thought you have about it, and any suggestions, comments, and votes to whether I should go forward with this one come November are appreciated!