Nathanael Love: Writer on Subjects Diverse, not Divisive

Nathanael Love is a Graduate of Bradley Unviersity in 2006, where rather than do any sensible thing which someone whose goal in life is to be a writer, he majored in Theatre Performance.  Upon graduating Mssr. Love immediately ceased doing anything involved in theatre, choosing instead to join the National Guard.

Mssr. Love currently has begun working on writing again, depositing his written thoughts on wide ranging topics including, but not limited to sports, music, movies, television, and life.  He is currently working on several upcoming projects including a novel, a podcast, and a series of novelas.

Published Editing and Writing Credits include:

Wayfinder #10, Editing

Wayfinder #11 Editing

Wayfinder #12 Editing

“Infernal Options”, Wayfinder #11 Writer

“Cavaliers of the Hellknight Orders” Wayfinder #11 Writer

“The Book of the Dead” Wayfinder #12 Writer

“Lycanthropic Bloodlines” Wayfinder #13 Writer

Murder on the Rails (Part 1 of the Siberian Nights Adventure Path) Avalon Games Writer

Letters From Flaming Crab: The Wheel of the Year Flaming Crab Games Writer

Overseer’s Guide (Exodus) Glutton Creeper Games Writer

Nathanael is available for freelance writing and editing assignments– please direct inquiries to:


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