Ascetic Of the Oni Way (Monk Archetype)

Ascetic of the Oni Way

Many Ogres, half ogres, and other followers Cuth, the Chaotic Neutral Demi-God of Magic and Ogres, follow a path towards enlightenment that embraces chaos rather than law. They spend time meditating on the connections between magic, chaos, and the mortal figure.

Alignment: Any chaotic. This modifies the Monk’s usual alignment restrictions.

AC Bonus (Ex): Ascetics of the Oni Way add their Intelligence Modifier instead of Wisdom to the Monk’s AC Bonus. This modifies the AC bonus feature.

Chaotic Mind (Ex): At 3rd level the Ascetic of the Oni Way gets a +2 saving throw bonus on saving throws against Illusion spells and effects.

Ki Pool (Su): Use the Ascetic’s Intelligence modifier instead of Wisdom for calculating Ki pool. At 10th level their natural weapons are treated as Chaotic.  This ability modifies the Ki Pool ability.

Spellcasting: Beginning at 4th level, the Ascetic of the Ogre Way can cast a small number of arcane spells, drawn from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list. They progress in spells per day at the same rate as a Paladin, using a spell book like a Wizard, and using Intelligence for calculating bonus spells and save DCs. This ability replaces purity of body, wholeness of body, diamond body, abundant step, diamond soul, tongue of the sun and moon, and empty body.

Oni Self: At 20th level the Ascetic gains damage reduction 10/lawful. This modifies and replaces Perfect Self.


Back story:

In my campaign setting, Kesperex, there are two magic gods– Ge’Shanai, LN Goddess of the Law of Magic and Cuth, a CN bastard/demi-god of Ogre, mages, and ogre-mages. I happened to pick up this Ogre Magi figure when I bought a stack of singles at the game store yesterday, and I’m preparing to run a Plateau Lands game (the Eastern setting in my world), so looking for Eastern themed figures I grabbed this guy up. Wanting to use him in my game, but he was screaming “monk”, even though Ogres in my world are chaotic. So, I set out to make a Monk archetype to align Chaotic instead of Lawful, and added the Mage abilities.

This Post Contains Pathfinder Compatible Material.


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