Star Trek: Musings on the Epic Re-Watch

My head must be in the stars of late. I’ve been re-reading my Starman Omnibus volumes by James Robinson, and have been progressing on my epic re-watch of Star Trek. I started the project a little over a year ago, last summer, when the TV schedule was as light as it is now. The NBA and new scriped shows distracted me for a while, but as those petered out I’ve picked up steam on this again.

The project was  a relatively simple, if time consuming proposition– re-watch everything Star Trek from beginning to end, in order. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve only just scratched the surface so far– I am in the middle of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock currently. Through the original Star Trek, the animated series, and the first two movies already– but staring down 8 season of TNG, DS9, and Voyager before I get to the relatively light Enterprise and the new films.

A few thoughts so far. . .

1. There is a reason Star Trek (the original series) has the cache to have spawned the rest of the Trek universe. The characters sparkle, the concepts are high. These episodes function like Twilight Zone episodes, but set on far flung planets and with the same core cast at the heart of the episodes.

2. The animated series is, by contrast. pretty poor. Only episode two “Yesteryear” really holds up next to TOS.

3. The Motion picture is better than remembered. It’s weird. It’s out there– one of the more bizarre while simultaneously banal concepts for a Trek episode or movie, but its writing really does hold up and it deserves a second watch if your memories of it are from long ago.


As I write this, Search for Spock has ended, and I’ve started into the Voyage Home. I will publish some more thoughts as I go along, but so far the epic Star Trek re-watch has been a rewarding experience.


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