Mass Combat: Scouting

Before armies meet in combat they often maneuver around the battlefield aiming to gain advantageous ground, stall the engagement to wait for reinforcements, or force an engagement at an advantageous time.

Scouting Checks

At the start of each day have all armies in the region make an opposed scouting check. Roll 1d20 and add the leader’s Perception or Profession (Soldier) skill (whichever is higher). If there are multiple armies on the field severing under the same general, a single check using the General’s Perception skill or Leadership score.

The army (or armies) with the highest roll have won the scouting conflict and gained information to allow them to outmaneuver their opponents. Armies who have lost must choose to move on the hex map first. After this, armies who have won the scouting roll can choose to move.

Joining Combat

When two or more opposing armies move into the same square they can join combat and begin the battle. The army which won the Scouting contest can choose to join combat, or to move out of the square and retreat without penalty. Armies which have lost can only retreat by using the withdraw tactic on or after the first turn of combat.

Tactical Advantage

The Army which has won the Scouting phase gains a tactical advantage in the first several rounds of combat. Whether they moved into and joined combat with the opposing force or by standing ground and defending they gain a +1 bonus for a number of rounds equal to the commanders Leadership divided by 4 (to a maximum of 5 rounds). If the commander has a leadership score of 12 or higher, this increases to +2. If the army advanced this bonus applies to their OM. If the army held ground and allowed the opposing force to join this bonus applies to their DV.

New Leader Boon:

Scoutmaster: The commander adds 2 to Scouting rolls for armies they lead.

Expanded Army Special Ability:

Track (Inquisitor 2, Ranger 1): The army adds its ACR to Morale checks to prevent an army from using the withdraw tactic and to its DV to prevent ambushes. It reduces the damage it deals in fog by one quarter instead of one half. In addition, the Army adds half its ACR to Scouting checks.

This post contains Pathfinder Compatible Material


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