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The City of Conflict: The Merchant’s Bridge

There are four methods to cross the great river that bisects the City of Conflict, controlled by different factions with varying costs to cross.

The Merchant’s Bridge

The furthest bridge to the south, the Merchant’s Bridge lies in the heart of the Market itself. With the Market sprawling out on either side of the river, crossing the bridge is typically a simple matter of paying coin to a member in good standing of the Market.

Any Merchant can sell a pass, though all passes are for a single person, animal, or conveyance and all are for singular trips across. To determine the price, players should attempt a Diplomacy check to haggle with the Market member. Cost for each pass will be 15 gold +1d6 on a successful check, or 15 gold +3d6 on a failure. Failing by more than 10 indicates the merchant is unwilling to sell a passin any circumstance.

The Merchant’s bridge is always watched by three bands of mercenaries, two groups of five on either side and the middle, plus Joal Bunbottom, the Bridgemaster. (Adept 4 with a Ring of Djinn Calling and an Efreet Bottle).

A wealthy and influential member of the Market, Joal never deigns to stoop to combat himself, though he will direct the mercenaries under his command to attack any who would try to cross the bridge without the proper passes. His ring and bottle are heirlooms of the position and he will only use either in desperate circumstances.

Random Merchant Mercenary Band Generation

The makeup of the mercenary bands that guard the bridge vary widely by day, featuring all manners of what some would consider uncivilized creatures, they are united in their mutual love of the Market’s coin which is provided in an ample amount

For each group roll for 1 leader, 2 size medium members, 1 size large, and 1 size small member.  The center group does not have a leader (as the Bridgemaster fills this roll).


01-20 Aranea (CR 4)

21-40 Hobgoblin Rogue 5

41-60 Human Wizard (Necromancer) 5

61-80 Human Paladin 5

81-100 Young Copper Dragon (CR 8)


01-35 Ogre (CR 3)

36-42 Hill Giant (CR 7)

43-50 Minotaur (CR 4)

51-70 Centaur (CR 3)

71-80 Ettin (CR 6)

81-100 Roll 1d3 additional times on the small or medium chart

Medium (1d4 levels in Warrior)

01-15 Human

16-30 Dwarf

31-40 Elf

41-50 Bugbear

51-60 Gnoll

61-70 Lizardfolk

71-90 Orc

91-100 Troglodyte

Small (1d4 levels in Warror or 1d3 levels in Rogue)

01-25 Goblin

26-50 Kobold

51-75 Halfling

76-100 Gnome

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Quick Campaign Seed: The City of Conflict

In a city dominated by disparate factions with agendas that place them often at odds, anything can happen. . .

The City of Conflict is built around the seven major factions strongholds on either side of a massive, river. Six of the strongholds make the points of a six pointed star (from North moving clockwise– the Hospital, the Citadel, the Conservatory, the Academy, the Market and the Cathedral) with the Senate Chamber sitting on an island in the middle of the river, and the eighth faction without a known stronghold.

The Factions

The factions each have their own seats of power within the city, both physically, philosophically, and legally, settling into niches which allow an uneasy coexistence between the disparate city factions. But tensions are always lingering beneath the surface.

Clerical members of the various factions actually draw their power from the belief in the factions themselves, not needing to bother with worshiping deities.

The Academy Intellectual Elite

Official Name: The Academy of Martial, Mechanical, & Mystical Sciences

Stronghold: The Academy

Nicknames: Scholars, Thinkers

Typical Members: Alchemists, Gnomes, Monks, Wizards
Cleric Domains: Artiface, Magic, Knowledge

The Order Serenity through Conflict

Official name: the Order of the Knights of Righteous Dominion

Stronghold: the Citadel

Nicknames: Knights, Strongarms

Typical members: Knights, Soldiers, Squires

Cleric Domains: Glory, Protection & War

The Conservatory Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Official Name: the Conservatory of the Senses

Stronghold: The Conservatory

Nicknames: Minstrels, Hedonists

Typical Members: Bards, Druids,

Cleric Domains: Animal, Liberation, Plant

The Hospital Extreme Triage

Official: the Order of the Saints of the White Linen

Stronghold: the Hospital

Nicknames: Docs, Saints

Typical members: Clerics, half-orcs, healers

Cleric Domains: Charm, Healing, Repose

The Cathedral Righteousness in the Blood

Official: the True Believers of the Right Revelation

Stronghold: the Cathedral

Nicknames: Bluebloods, Zealots

Typical members: Aristocrats, Elves, Oracles

Cleric Domains: Community, Madness, Nobility

The Market Profit at all Costs

Official: the Guild of Mercantile Usury

Stronghold: the Market

Nicknames: Gold purses, Mercs, Grubbers

Typical members: Merchants, Traders, Halflings

Cleric Domains: Luck, Travel, Weather

The Senate Imperial Authority

Official: the Austere Chambers of the Imperial Senate

Stronghold: The Senate Chambers

Nicknames: Highbinders,

Typical Members: Bureaucrats, Senators, Dwarves

Cleric Domains: Law, Runes, Sun

The Dark Guild Strength in Shadows

Official: Unknown

Stronghold: Unknown

Typical members: Rogues, thieves, ruffians

Nicknames: None

Cleric Domains: Darkness, Destruction, Trickery

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