NBA Preview: Western Conference Playoff Predictions

I didn’t get through my entire regular season preview before things kicked off tonight, but i I will try to finish these up (10 teams left) in the first month of the season– a few games down won’t be significant, right?

Anyways, to get my predictions on the record here–

Western Conference Seeding:

1. San Antonio

2. Golden State

3. Oklahoma City

4. Memphis Grizzlies

5. Portland Trailblazers

6. Houston Rockets

7. LA Clippers

8. Dallas Mavericks

1st round:

Spurs handle the Mavs; OKC Survives Houston; Clippers upset Golden State; Grizzlies take out Portland

2nd Round: Grizzlies upset the Spur; OKC Demolishes the Clippers

Conference Finals: Grizzlies beat the Thunder when Scott Brooks puts on a show of awful coaching

Which leaves us with NBA Finals– Bulls over Grizz in the battle of the Gasols and four of the best big men in the league.


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