NaNaWriMo Pitch: A Summoner’s Chronicle

Today’s pitch comes in the form of an outline– no character names yet, just types, so here it is–

A Summoner’s Chronicle

A servant boy, one of three triplets works in castle held by a city state in “Italy”

Book opens with him training swords with a mercenary knight.

The Princess of the castle, a girl close to his own age talk to him–

She has an imaginary friend, a piskie she says and he gets covered inadvertantly in pixie dust.

Later that day an army is storming the castle– Black Faustus’s men, a demon summoner.

The boy goes to hude, he ends up in the library and his eye is caught by a book on Faerie summoning.  He takes it.

The pixie dust has granted him super speed, allowing him to escape the castle.

Later he meets the mercenary knight in the woods outside the castle grounds– the castle has fallen to the Faustians and there is no sign of his brothers.

The Princess is with them, and they begin travelling North to seek refuge in a neighboring country.

On the way they battle ogre’s and goblins and the boy learns to treat with Faeries– he becomes a Summoner.

They arrive in the North. Here they find a kingdom beset by foes on three sides–

Faustians to the West, the Ogre to the Sought, and the bloodthirsty Fire Giants to the Northeast.

The old king is dying & his son is bold– with giant’s blood in his veins.

The Bold Prince calls his banners, and calls forth the pact with the storm giants to the North.

The storm giants and the remnants of the mercenaries help the bold prince repel the fire giants.

Then the Bold Prince turns to repel the Faustians.

The storm giant king declares their oath fulfilled, having won the day.

The Bold Prince asks any giants who will come and promises a boon to those who do.

Three come– two younger sons of the Giant King and the King’s daughter.

The Summoner has fallen in love with the Princess, and grown to a powerful summoner warrior.

The Summoner asks the Princess to marry him, but she rejects his offer due to his low birth.

He assists the Bold Prince, the Giant King’s children in taking back the North’s capital.

When the dust has settled the old king has died; the Bold Prince calls in those to whom he owes favors.

The youngest son of the Giant King asks for a Lordship.

The middle son of the Giant King asks for no boon, but is granted a great forged weapon and suit of armor.

The Giant King’s daughter asks for the Bold Prince’s hand in marriage.

The Princess asks for a force to take back her city.

The Summoner asks for a strip of the marshland and a lorship.

The Summoner, now a lord ass again for the Princess to marry him and is again denied.

The Summoner returns and asks the Bold Prince for another boon– that if he kills the Ogre he can take the whole of the marsh and name himself king.

He does so. Once more as a King he asks for the Princess’s hand and is again denied.

End Book 1.


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