NaNaWriMo Pitch: The Third Fleet

So, National November Novel Writing Month is coming fast upon us!  For my Saturday writing pieces, I plan to do “pitches” for my possible selections and let whatever feedback I get play a part in deciding which I try to write to get my first NaNaWriMo win this year– first up: The Third Fleet.

The Third Fleet

In the early days of Solar System colonization, as humanity was just beginning to expand into the stars an alien fleet of refuges known as the Remnant entered the system seeking a new place to make their home, leading to a blood and brutal war between the two species.  After 8 years of fighting, the two fleets finally made peace on Armistace Day, the 11th of November 2418.

Now, 20 years from the First Fleet meeting the Second, there has been peace for 12 years.  The Remnant and Earth have a unity system wide government, and with the First Fleet (the Remant’s) and the Second Fleet (Humanity’s) they have built and launched a new fleet, the Third Fleet.

Crewed by a joint crew of Remnant and Human officers, the Third Fleet begins expanding beyond the colonies for the first time since the start of the war. Very quickly, however, they encounter a new threat– hostile aliens on a mission of extermination, the very rae which had pushed the Remnant from their original home system centuries in the past.

Now, Admiral Avery Ayers must lead the young, untested crews of the Third Fleet into the very heart of a new war– one for the survival of both species.

The Ships of the Third Fleet

Battle Cruisers:

Eagle’s Talon (flagship)

Blade’s Grasp




No Surrender

No Defeat


11th of November


Day After












Eagle Eye





Talon’s Tip

Well, there’s the pitch! I’d love to hear any thought you have about it, and any suggestions, comments, and votes to whether I should go forward with this one come November are appreciated!


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One thought on “NaNaWriMo Pitch: The Third Fleet

  1. Julia September 28, 2014 at 10:09 am Reply

    I think this sounds pretty fun and action-y, I want to know a bit more about the characters though.

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