The Judge and the Thief in the Dungeon

Mettel hung four feet from the floor, his wrists chained above his head, tail and feet dangling so far from where a human or Silla Jinn’s feet would barely scrape the floor.  In the time he had stayed here the Sun had set outside and the moon had risen, filtering through the bars of the single window which hung above his head.

He cursed his Parua tongue for concocting the lie that had landed him in the dungeon of the great Truth Bringer.  Foolhardy, in the least, to tell the holder of the Truth Stone a lie; colossally foolhardy to tell one that required belief that the Fah might turn against him.  Yet, Mettel’s own tribe had sent him to steal the Truth Stone– why not reason that the Fah might as well?

And the Mercenaries were in position, it was a reasonable gambit perhaps.  And Mettel Silver Tongue was the greatest truth spinner the Five Tribes had ever produced.  Well, till now at least.  Mettel looked up as he heard the keys rattling to the door.

The tall, gray and white furred Dokkaebi entered, the Truth Stone still held in his hand, its sickening green glow filling the room with a light as it shone brightly.  “Well, liar, intended thief, rat tailed, rat tongued, mercenary bait– now are you prepared to tell unto me the truth?”

“Asala bin Qalam, great Truth Seeker and Truth Sayer, I beg of you mercy,” if lies could not help him now, perhaps flattery could, “I beseech thee to give unto me, lowly unworthy one mercy– I came only upon orders from my tribe.”

bin Qalam tapped the Truth Stone its glow brightening, “Ah, one truth from a teller of lies.  Who sent you, filching, mange ridden rat that you are?”

“The Peshga Tribe, oh glorious one,” Mettel’s eyes widened as the Emerald darkened for a moment, then shone brightly again.

“Tell no lies, tiny creature– you speak a truth then affix to it half a lie.  Flattery forges falsity. Why would the Peshga send you to steal the stone?”

“Only the stone can save them– beset by foes on all sides, Rezgari Mercenaries marching round the Sill to over take them, the Ghul Queen gathering forces of darkness to consume them, and–” Mettel’s tongue caught in his throat at what he would say next.

“And what, spy?”

“Alak Ret Ken’akare returned.”

The Truth Stone shone brighter still in the hands of Asala bim Qalam.


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2 thoughts on “The Judge and the Thief in the Dungeon

  1. justinaluther September 16, 2014 at 4:12 am Reply

    What an intriguing piece! Nicely done!

  2. Nathanael C. Love September 16, 2014 at 4:13 am Reply

    Thanks so much! Building the story slowly as I go, piece by piece!

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