The Brothers Entering the Tomb

Gellian spoke softly into the ear of his camel, a giant white beast of unusual size and strength, magnificent and glowing with the light of the Sun in its eyes, stamping its foot, snorting into the air.  Gellian strode over to his brothers who stood already at the giant slab that covered the entrance to the ancient tomb.  His pulled his Kukri from his belt, strapping down the hide armor he was so unaccustomed to wearing, “Have we thought of a means to move the slab yet brothers?”

Remian curled his lips, “We can call down the fires of Padaga and melt the stone away.”

Lumian shook his head, “Always calling down the fire with the Chosen!  We can do this together, brothers, we can move the rock ourselves.” Remian remained set with a skeptical look on his face, “Call down the Might of the Sun, Remian– then you, Gellian, share his strength among us.”

Both his brothers began to chant, Gellian touching both his brothers backs as he did.  The might of Padaga filled Remian, and in turn Gellian shared that, empowering himself and Lumian.  The three reached out and grasped the edges of the massive stone, straining even in their empowered state, but eventually, slowly, rolling aside the stone, clearing the opening.

The last rays of the Sun’s light silhouetted the three as they looked down into the pitch black tomb.  The dust mites that their opening of the tomb had thrown up sparkled as light filters down the steps for the first time in centuries.  Lumian drew his short bow, knocking an arrow and closing his eyes for a moment, opening again his night eyes, adjusted to see in the darkness of the tomb, “Lead the way, Remian– better you than either of us if there is anything dangerous ahead.”

“There is,” Remian said as he retrieved the massive falchion he had slung across his back, running his hand down the edge, bringing it to a pale yellow glow.  “but fear not, the youngest brother will venture forth into the darkness and protect his elders.”

Gellian smiled, twirling the Kukri in his hand, “Your words have returned, I see.  I thank you for the strength, by the by, I feel a dozen years younger and more the warrior than I’ve ever felt.”

“You’re welcome, then, though as much warrior as you’ve been can’t be much at all.”

“You speak truth, brother; you speak truth.” The three began descending the stairs slowly, Remian first, then Lumian, and Gellian last.  They didn’t speak again as they went, letting the humor fall away, Remian’s sword and Lumian’s eyes glowing as they entered the open chamber at the base of the stairs.

The room was rectangular, long and hollow, with a stone door at one end and a row of statues on either side of the corridor.  Remian stopped, looking at them quizzically for a moment, “Remind me again the defenses of the first chamber?  Brothers?”

Gelian smiled as he traced a pattern in the air, a glowing rune in blue and silver,  “Ten statues either side to keep things in and to keep things out.”  Then the statues began to move.


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