The Spells of Ugbez

When Darar first met Ugbez the troll was uncultured, uncivilized, and generally uncouth.  But quickly recognizing that the troll was possessing of greater than average intelligence (for a troll) he took Ugbez beneath his wings and trained him to be an Abjurer, which seemed the school of magic that would best fit his otherwise powerful features.

Darar is incredibly proud of his pupil’s accomplishments, and overlooks some of the obvious inefficiencies of the spells themselves.

Ugbez’s Abjurer

School Abjuration [mind affecting] Level Sorcerer/Wizard 1

Component’s V, S

Range Personal

Target you

Duration 1 round/level

The verbal component of this spell consists of a mighty battle roar let out upon completion.  You gain a +1 morale bonus to saves and AC versus all creatures within earshot of the yell.  When Ugbez casts this spell his battle cry of “Abjurer!” can be heard for nearly a mile in all directions.


Ugbez’s Protection from Trap

School Abjuration, Divination [mind affecting] Level Sorcerer/WIzard 2

Components V, S

Range Personal

Target you

Duration 24 hour (until discharged)

This spell sections off a tiny portion of your consciousness and focuses it on constantly searching for traps.  Whenever an action you would take would spring a trap make a Will save (DC equal to the DC of the traps save.)  If successful your subconscious identifies the trap, and reflexively stops you from springing it.  You gain knowledge of the trap, the activation type, and how the trap can be disarmed.  This grants a +2 morale bonus to any skill check to actually disarm the trap you make but does not otherwise grant you the ability to do so.  After making a successful save against a trap the spell is discharged, while failed saves that result in triggered traps does not discharge the effect.

Ugbez often forgets that this spell protects him from only a single trap and has fallen into numerous pits as a result.


Power Word: Abjurer

School Abjuration [mind affecting] Level  Sorcerer/Wizard 7

Components V

Range Medium (100 ft +10 ft/level)

Targets One creature/level no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart

Duration Special

Spell Resistance Yes

Save Will partial

Duration 1 round/level

You roar the power word at the top of your lungs, convincing enemies within earshot that you are the invincible abjurer.  This spell causes the first assault of any kind each of the targets make against you to automatically fail.  All attack rolls automatically miss and you automatically succeed on all saving throws the first round of attacks.  Each subsequent round they attack you they may attempt a saving throw.  Failure causes their attacks to fail in the same manner.  You continue to receive a +4 morale bonus to saves and AC against targets after they have succeeded on a save.


“This post consists of Pathfinder Compatible material”


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