Meet the Silla Jinn

The Silla Jinn were actually the very first characters we met in the Sun cycle, in the form of the three brothers at the tomb.  We’ve barely seen hide nor hair of them since then, as Dokkaebi, Parua, humans, and Ghul have filled out or characters.  But we will return to the brothers soon, so tonight I present with some information on their people– the Silla Jinn!

Silla Jinn

Silla Jinn are of the same general size and shape as humans.  Their skin ranges from an orange or red tinted tan to pale peach colors and dark browns.  Their hair is always black, and they grow no body hair, only head hair and occasionally facial hair, but even this is sparse.  Their eyebrows are pointed in inverted V shapes.  Their eyes are always a fiery red orange.  Silla live to be 500 years old, and reach traditional maturity at the age of 33 (though they are physically, mentally and sexually mature earlier.

The Merchants Three Sons: A Tale of the Silla Jinn


Our story, the story of the Silla starts with a man.  Long ago, before some Jinn chose to eat the flesh of men, before some Jinn learned the sin of pride and named themselves Afrit, and before some Jinn chose one form and named themselves Silla, when we were all only Jinn and could take any form we chose.  A human merchant named Lizemon lived in a city whose name even we have forgot.  He was a shrewd dealer who loved with passion, haggled without mercy and lived without fault.  Now one day while he was traveling from his city to a nearby city to ply his goods he came upon a woman whose camel had died.  Now Lizemon traveled alone and had with him only enough water for himself and his own camel, but seeing someone in need he offered her some of his own water and took her with him on his journey.  Now this woman was no human lady, but a Jinn of no small importance—a Queen of our people, of a land known only as the Sill, a coastal region south of what would later be known as the City. 

Now the Queen of the Sill took a liking to this kindly merchant, and as they journeyed both fell graciously in love with the other.  Now this was the first time that any Jinn had taken a liking to a mortal man, and that night as they consummated their passion Padaga looked down in anger—for the Sun had given man and Jinn each their forms to be separate, not to be one.  There would be consequences for the Queen, her Kingdom fell to her brother, Var e’Ghal who later would make cause of his own fall.  More than that, the Queen of the Sill found herself trapped in the form she had worn at the time of her passion, and could change it no longer—such is why her children, who could not change their forms, are forever known as Silla.

Now the Queen bore Lizemon three sons.  The oldest, Garan, was wise but weak.  The second son, Karan was cunning but clumsy, and their youngest, Oaran, was fair but fragile.  The brothers grew together till the day of their thirty-third birthday, when they left the tents of their father and struck out each alone to mark out their destinies.  Garan went south, into the Empire of Phalia.  Karan journeyed to the east, where he found root in Old Zhang while the Shining Land was at its height.  Oaran went west, and came to rest in Ikar.  All three brothers flourished and married wives who bore them many children, whose children bore children and whose grandchildren bore children and the Silla multiplied down to this very day.  This was the time of the first sundering, when Jinn forsake their forms for love, and it is our story.


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One thought on “Meet the Silla Jinn

  1. Chrif's Blog October 20, 2016 at 12:11 am Reply

    Thank you for this article, i really enjoyed reading about the silla.
    I write stories about jinn and those characters are very intriguing to me.

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