A Normal Man

I know that somewhere deep inside

A normal man, of sorts resides,

but then again he may have died

that last time I heard the bullets fly–

And it could be that I buried him

somewhere way out in the deep sand

across the sea in that Arab land

and something else crawled in my skin.


Now I can’t say I know myself,

Am I who I was or someone else?

I used to think I was a good man,

but now I can’t tell grace from sin.


I can’t help if my eyes do stare

If you’ll come along I’ll drive anywhere

I”ll conspire in any plot you contrive

as long as it makes me feel alive.


And now the changelings moving in,

swallow another handful of my son’s ritalin.

Mix up another drink that end And Coke

cause Ill take anything to feel a little bit less broke.

Want to stare at the Sun till I go blind,

But if you want we’ll wander the desert my body to find,

and when you’ve finished my new design–

Dig me up, stitch me up, I’m goddamn Frankenstein.


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