Comic Script: Knights of the Round

Isue 1: the Comet Falls

Page 1: 3 Panels

Panel 1: (Merin, white male, early forties, hair is light brown with strands of visible gray, eyes are green, dressed in plain brown robes with a single heavy brass medallion featuring the dragon of Pendragon on it is looking through a telescope.  He is in a tower, various books and chemistry apparatus scattered about.) Caption: “To now I’ve been a simple man—astronomer & physician to a petty King of Gwenydd.”

Panel 2: (Zoomed in view as though through the telescope shows a massive red comet, its tail awash of colors.) Caption: “’ve been tracking this comet for months, trying to determine where it’s heading.”

Panel 3: (Merlin with a terrified look on his face as a board covered in equations.) Caption: “I believe it’s coming right at me.  My name is Merlin, and my life is about to change.”

Page 2: Four Panels

(Panels show the comet breaking apart in the atmosphere in various stages—first the comet splitting in two, then each of those crumbling into four, then smaller pieces, then zoomed in on one of the meteorites)

Panel 1: Caption: “I watch the comet slowly breaking apart.

Panel 2: Caption: “If my calculations are correct it is the size of Brittania herself.”

Panel 3: “Now its scattered pieces rain down on hundreds, thousands, perhaps a hundred thousand locations.”

Panel 4: “The impacts must cover all the world, but I don’t have time to worry about that.”

Page 3: 1 Panel

Full page image showing the comet piece striking Merlon’s tower, his belonging and the bricks of the wall scatter through the air, he sits in the center, his eyes clenched tight, his hands held before his face as flames dance around him.

Page 4: Center panel and 3 side panels

Side panel 1: Flames and Smoke surrounding Sir Ector, an old man, late sixties, face creased with lines of age, dull grey eyes, white hair and moustaches, he is doubled over coughing from the smoke.

Side panel 2: A girl, Morgana, 17 years of age, dark black hair and green eyes, a beautiful if angular face, a large support beam is hitting her, knocking her to the ground.

Side panel 3: A boy, 15, silhouetted by the flames, his long scraggly hair is visible, and he is thin, this is Owain.

Main Panel: A comet piece crashing into a small house with a thatcd roof, flames ignited all across the house.

Page 5: 4 Panels

Panel 1: A hillside, a beautiful golden haired girl with blue eyes is being thrown from her horse as a piece of the comet hits her.

Panel 2: A forest, two boys look very scared as a comet slams into the ground between them.

Panel 3: A farm yard, a snake in the process of eating a chicken as the comet strikes.

Panel 4: A boy, blond almost silver hair, beautiful with curls and fine clothes swimming in a lake, the water boiling around him.  Word bubble (boy): “Nimmue!”

Page 6: 3 Panels

Panel 1: Merlin frantically searching his room, he is leaned over his table in the act of pushing aside a stack of books with one and knocking over pen and inkwell with the other.  Caption: “I can feel something changing in me as the heat envelops me.”

Panel 2: Merlin is back at the chalkboard, he has wiped a section blurrily clean and began to scribble new calculations over it.  Caption: “I should be dead.  Instead I can suddenly understand what eluded me before.”

Panel 3: Close up of Merlin a look of realization and understanding on his face. Caption: “I can track the impacts, and two more were close—one within the same building.”

Page 7: Full page with inset panel

Full Page: Smoldering remains of the thatch roofed house, smoke rising into the air.  In the background the outline of castle that contains Merlin’s half ruined castle can barely be seen.  Owain can now be seen, his back to the viewer, his dirty blond hair and dirty peasant clothes obvious, though his frame appears fuller than the earlier image.  Caption: “My name is Owain, Son of Sir Ector the Brave.  I live in Gwynedd with my father, long ago retired, and my sister Morganna.”

Inset panel: A close up of Owain’s face, stoic, but squinting his blue eyes, a smudge of charcoal beneath one eyes. Caption: “Or I did until this morning. . .”

Page 8: Right side one panel; left side four panels arrayed top to bottom.

Top left: Sir Ector and Owain outside the burning house, Sir Ector has been laid on the ground; Owain is turning to go back in the house, calling out as he rises.  Word bubble (Owain): “Morganna!”

Second left: Owain rushing through the door. Caption: “I’m barely thinking, the heat tingles almost; my whole body shivers.

Third left: Closeup of Morgana pinned beneath a massive wooden beam.  Word bubble (Morgan): “Owain!  It’s no use. . . tell father—“

Bottom Left: Owain crouched over Morganna, medium distance shot showing their tearful expressions.  He has his hands set under the beam.  Word bubble (Owain): “No, I’m not leaving you.”

Right: Owain has lifted the beam over his head, an expression of equal parts shock and joy. Caption (top): “I fight back the tears, straining to lift what must weight a thousand pounds. . .” Caption (bottom): “And to my surprise, I lift it easily.”

Page 9: Tri-panel; split top half, bottom half page

Top left: Morganna is in Owain’s arms, looking into his face, both their expressions still showing shock. Word bubble (Morganna): “How?”  Word bubble (Owain): “Does it matter?”

Top right: Shot from over Owain’s shoulder, showing Morganna’s expression.  Word bubble (Morganna) “Something’s change; I can feel it.”  Word bubble (Owain): Everything’s changed, but for the better?”

Bottom: Both face the fire and are silhouetted against it, their backs towards the viewer.  Word bubble (Off page): “The End!”

Page 10: Quad Split.

Top Right: Owain and Morgan lean down, tending their distraught father.  Sir Ector’s eyes have been replaced by glowing yellow pupil-less eyes.  Word bubble (Owain): “Father!”  Word bubble (Ector): “And in his final moments he was taken by the voice of prophecy!”

Top left: Close up of Sir Ector whose face is extremely animated into an almost grimace as he speaks.  Word bubble (Ector): “So it begins in fire; so will it end.  The fall is written even now!”

Bottom left: Owain clutching Ector; tears streaming down his face. Word bubble (Ector): “It’s you, son—you’re the one—the Wizard will know what to do. . .”

Bottom Right: Ector’s eyes are closed, Owain still crying over him, his face now buried in his father’s chest.  Word bubble (Ector): “Don’t be afraid, embrace your destiny.”  Caption: “So ends Sir Ector the Brave.”


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