The Sun Cycle: Glossary

This list of common terms and concepts in the Sin Cycle World will be updated as more chapters are posted.

Chosen A kind of Sunned warrior spellcaster who have been “chosen” by a specific aspect of the Sun. Capable of transforming into hawks.

Denier A kind of un-Sunned spellcaster who draw their power from hatred or disbelief in the Sun. Capable of transforming into Jackals. Follow totem animals.

Dokkaebi A race of people with dog or monkey like faces. Human sized or slightly taller with brown or reddish fur. Dokkaebi remove their tales in a ceremony at adulthood and thereafter use them as both a club-like weapon and a channel for magical energy.

Hermit A kind of un-Sunned spellcaster who draw their power from the world of spirits. Capable of transforming into Ravens.

Great Lion: An aspect of Padaga said to occasionally manifest and walk among mortals, appearing as a male lion with resplendent orange and red mane, and double the size of an ordinary adult male lion.  When a Sunned warrior performs an incredibly heroic deed they are sometimes said to have “Worn the Lion’s Mask.”

Ghul Jinn One variety of Jinn. Ghuls can take the forms of Jackals, Hyenas, and Ravens and keep flocks and packs of such creatures. Consume the flesh of mortals to extend their lives to unnatural lengths. Wield powerful innate magic.

Jinn Any of several powerful races with inherent shape changing abilities including Afrit, Ghul, and Silla.

Loreweaver A kind of Sunned spellcaster who gain their power from their devotion to their tribe. Storytellers.

Padaga The Sun; worshiped by a large amount of the population. Has seven aspects which are dominant on alternating days which set the days of the week which are in order– Savior, Burning, Valiant, Mad, Healing, Hidden, Changing.

Parua A race of small people who look similar to very large mice or jerboa. Most Parua stand about 3 feet tall currently. Each successive generation grows slightly larger than the last.

Pitr A tall and broad race of people. Pitr come originally from the sea and have hair like seaweed, teeth like pearls, and skins ranging through all the shades of blue and green.

Silla Jinn The least of the Jinn. Silla Jinn gave up most of their shape changing and magic abilities long ago.

Servants A kind of Sunned spellcaster who choose one aspect of the Sun to devote themselves unto.

Sunned A worshiper of the Sun Padaga.

Un-Sunned Anyone who does not worship the Sun/ Padaga

Wanderer A kind of totem warrior who wander the wastes and deserts alone.

Wear the Lion’s Mask: A phrase used to described a Sunned warrior committing brave and heroic deeds.


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