Behind the Scenes of the Sun Cycle

The Sun Cycle is a labor of love for me personally.  These first few stories which I am publishing on my site have been years in the making.  They fit into a larger world, originally envisioned as a campaign setting for 3.5 Edition OGL centered in the myths and stories of the middle east and other non-western traditions while drastically departing from the tropes of the Tolkien inspired society.

The release of 4th edition coupled with my own deployment to the very land these stories rely on for inspiration effectively killed the project, however I never fully abandoned it– I knew there was something in those pages I had done, even if it was only stories.

Storytelling, you will see, plays a central role in this grand epic– but that as they say is another story.  Here I would like to share with you a larger look at one of the few images I had commissioned initially for the original project– one of the new races you will meet in the Sun Cycle, the Parua.

The artist for this piece is veteran fantasy artist Michael Jaecks.  He has worked on Pathfinder illustrations and I was lucky enough to have commissioned a few pieces for the story world of The Sun Cycle several years ago.  Since then this image has been collecting dust on my hard drives, luckily making a few transitions to new devices in the span.  His work will speak for itself, but I think you all will see why I feel so truly blessed to be able to share this sliver of my imagination brought into manifestation through his hands with you.


parua merchant 1_edited-1


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